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Les Polarophiles Tranquilles, formed in December 2002, brings together fans of detective fiction in general. (simple readers, writers, collectors, booksellers) combined with the pleasure of reading..

They set themselves the goal of discovering and rediscovering authors not always very well presented, or ignored by critics. They willingly place themselves outside the current literary and prefer to step back from the publishing industry.

Spurred by Thierry Cazon, they first deepen the work of Frederic Dard, in what is still unknown and controversial, particularly through his many aliases and nominees not yet accepted by this great author family.

They publish a biannual newsletter which is free and is accessible to all, even when they do not adhere to the association, uppon request.

They are also present in many festivals devoted to crime fiction.

The association "Les Polarophiles Tranquilles" is open to all trends, it is a place for exchange and discussion, including through its peer which analyzes and evaluates the abundance editorial in his chosen field.

The guideline of the association evolved and still evolves according to the desire of its members.
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Les Polarophiles tranquilles
Les polarophiles tranquilles  

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L'étrange cas du Docteur Greene et de Mister Chase is published on German website : culturmag.de
L'étrange cas du docteur green et Mr Chase is publih on culturmag.de

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